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Wcf Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Download

wcf interview questions and answers pdf


Wcf Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Download >>




















































Wcf Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Download


SOAP version SOAP 1.1 SOAP 1.2 and WS-Addressing specification. This data can then be easily consumed and transformed into JavaScript objects.In most browser-based applications, WCF can be consumed using JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and so on. Web Service (WS) binding: This binding is provided by the WSHttpBinding class. Services should be self-contained. This is a great network distributed system developed by Microsoft for communication between applications. Steaming and Binding TCP, IPC and HTTP bindings support streaming. 221.9k 0 7 facebook twitter linkedIn google Plus Reddit WhatsApp expand Question 1: What is WCF? Answer: WCF is a platform for building distributed businesses and deploying services among various endpoints in Windows. Service class 2.


A binding defines the transport (such as HTTP or TCP) and the encoding being used (such as text or binary). Now the following is the procedure for creating a WCF service and hosting it in a console application. Hosting environment 3. WCF provide a very easy and rich configurable environment to implement security.WCF supports following securities: Message Transport TransportWithMessageCredential Message Security Message security uses the WS-Security specification to secure messages. For more details visit the following link: Binding Basics in WCF Question 42: What is MSMQ in WCF? Answer: Microsoft Messaging Queue (MSMQ) technology is used for asynchronous communication using messages. The encoding to use for the messages (for example, text or binary). Information cards can potentially present any type of identity claim that makes sense to all of the interacting parties and which users are willing to release. 2) Mention what are the main components of WCF? Main components of WCF are Service: The working logic Host: The path where the data is saved. There are three way of communication between source and destination, There is no need to call a Java class from a C# class. For the preceding example the online purchase service did not work well as expected due to the database query error, without knowing it the Bank operations were completed perfectly.


It is the most secure binding since it cannot accept calls from outside the machine and it supports a variety of features similar to the TCP binding. Prepare Phase - In this phase, the transaction manager checks whether all the entities are ready to commit for the transaction or not. 23) List out what are the different isolation levels provided in WCF? The different isolation levels provided in WCF are Read Uncommitted Read Committed Repeatable Read Serializable Download PDF You Might Like: 15 Rest API Interview Question Top 50 Web Services Interview Questions Top 13 Microsoft Exchange Interview Questions Top 24 Customer Service Interview Questions Share this entryShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google Share on PinterestShare on LinkedinShare on TumblrShare on VkShare on RedditShare by Mail 140 380 admin adminTop 23 WCF Interview Questions Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. 11) Mention what are the different instance modes in WCF? To a particular service instance WCF binds an incoming message request, so the available modes are Per Call: This instance is created for each call, efficient in terms of memory but need to maintain session Per Session: For a complete session of a user instance are created Single: One instance is created which is shared among all the users and shared among all. 3 Techniques For Instance Management in WCF Question 50: What is Information cards in WCF? Answer: As we are using DerivativesCalculator sample to enhance the WCF application hence we can use it in very interesting way to add an Information Card to a WCF application. For more details visit the following link: MSMQ in WCF (Two Way Communication Between Client And Server): Part II OR Introduction to MSMQ Question 43: What is Method overloading in WCF? Answer: Method Overloading is a feature that allows creation of multiple methods with the same name but each method should differ from another in the context of input and output of the function. It controls the service description and message formats.For more details visit the following link: Service Contract in WCF Question 8: What areContracts in WCF? How many Contracts are in WPF? Answer: The main use of contracts is to allow the client and services agree as to the types of operations and structures they will use during the communication process.


wsHttpBinding= basicHttpBinding WS-* specification WS Dual binding: This binding is provided by the WsDualHttpBinding class. To implement self-hosting we need to include System.Service.Model.ServiceHost namespace. wsDualHttpBinding This is like the preceding one, but it uses duplex contracts. When WCF transmits a message it takes a logical message object and encodes it into a sequence of bytes. It consists of three main points: Address,Binding and Contract. Q9. We assure you all the questions have a hundred percent chance to appear in the interview process.WCF basic and advanced interview questions and answers for experiencedFor furthermore clarifications related to the interview questions on WCF, please comment below. Best when you need to execute service operations in a queued manner. e913ce18fc

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